The Journalists

Marian Kajambo is 22 yrs old from Timboni village Kinango district .I joined Kwale young journalists in 2010 and I have learned a lot on media skills.In the group I participated in YETAM project on digital mapping and this has helped me to map and address issues in my community.

Hi !am mwasamani Hamadi aged 25 yrs old and I reside in kinango district .I have a diploma in Human Resource and management. My aim as akwale young journalist member  is to campaign against child rights violence. In this group i gained knowledge on advocacy and Effective comunication skills to help in child rights campaign.

Jambo, my names are Mshihiri Hassan from mkongani location in kwale district. Iam 30 years of age. Iam in the VAC (violence against children) campaign. I also participate in digital mapping exercise.

I am BazumaSheria, 24 years of age from Mkomba village in  Kwale. Ido media and digital mapping in the group for  the good of the community.

I am Monica Muisu 24 yrs old from kwale district with passion in child right protection. I am determined to bring change through media skills gained in group.

Tunda Haggah is 28yrs of age from Majoreni in Msambweni district with keen interest in community development. The group has equipped me with the ICT knowledge of which is of great benefit to my community in advocating for positive change.

Abdallah Omar Janji is 23yrs old from Mangawani. I mainly deal with Child protection using the media skills gained from the group. I also do digital mapping in addressing community issues.

I am Mialii Mohamed aged 21years  from Kwale. The group has equipped me  with the ICT skills of which helps to bring positive change to the community.


3 thoughts on “The Journalists”

  1. Hamisi Baha said:

    Not just a good but an excellent motive in advocating for change within and outside the borders of the larger Kwale county. I like the idea thus I can’t wait to be a member of this group if given a chance.

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