About us

The Kwale Young Journalists aims at connecting the kwale communities with outside world in order to communicate,inform,advocate,raise awareness and lobby for behaviour and attitude change towards social-economic development and specially child protection.

The group was formed in 2009 with the primary aim to serve the community radio as technical team to the community radio project. Radio was just a tool to voice child views in the VAC (Violence against Children) campaign project. This is the project that involves 14 CBOs in Kwale County. These CBOs includes Madzo, Kambe, Hatua, Kcoda, Mukembau, Mzazi, Hekima, Nuru, Jitolee, Kimadzo, Kukumasi, Mzida, Mivuco and Mwangaza. These CBOs are drawn from the three districts in Kwale County. Namely;-  Msambweni, Kwale and Kinango.

The group started with 28 members drawn from all 14 CBOs and later stretches to 40 members to the current. The group was officially registered on 30 August, 2009 by the Ministry of Gender, Children and social Development in Kenya.

 VISION: Our vision is to bring a positive change of social-economic development for a better informed community.

MISSION: The group mission shall be attained through informing, Interpreting, Guiding  and entertaining.


  • Promoting social- economic empowerment.
  • Promote education on understanding the rights of a Kenyan Citizen.
  • Promote equality between girl child and boy child.
  • Conserve environment.
  • Promote community participatory development.
  • Preserve positive cultures and tradition activities.


  • Advocating for child rights.
  • Mapping community issues
  • We do Audio, Video production and Photographing.
  • Pursue community developments.

1 thought on “About us”

  1. As much as you advocate for the girl child please do not forget about the boy child for the male continue to undermine the female.

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